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MyFieldTacker was created to specifically help the logging industry. Utilizing technology to help manage boundary areas and track operations in the field.

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Nick Skrepetos was born and raised on a small farm in Ashland, OR. As early as he could remember, Nick was always innovating, whether it was trying to build a burglar alarm to keep is sister out of his room or trying to build a remote control boat out of parts from Radio Shack.

In 1984, Nick discovered computers which set in motion over 40 years of technology innovation and development. Later that year, Nick created a disc copying program entitled “Nick’s Swift Copy” that could copy a Commodore 64 Floppy disk in under 3 minutes, when other programs of the same nature would take over an hour to complete the same task.

As his father was a professor at a local college, in 1985 Nick created the Test Writer and accompanying Tester software for the Apple IIe and Commodore 64 platforms which was used by colleges across the nation. The software allowed teachers to create randomized tests and subsequently use the Tester product for students to take the tests. At the time, this was unheard of on an individual classroom level.

While in college, Nick joined Dynamix as a software developer and was the co-author of F14 Tomcat for the Commodore 64. Kevin Ryan and Nick Skrepetos created many unique and innovative technologies to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the Commodore 64 computer. After Dynamix, Nick joined Covox, a local voice recognition company, where he pioneered many advancements in voice recognition and audio technologies for the fledgling PC audio market.

Recognizing that audio severely suffered in the gaming industry, Nick pioneered the Sound Operating System in 1992, which allowed up to 32 individual sounds to be played simultaneously during game play – a first in the industry, where typically only a single sound could be played. The Sound Operating System was featured in over 500 games and 20 million homes worldwide and changed audio in gaming forever.

In 1998, Nick used his audio knowledge to create “InMotion 3D Audio Producer” with renowned 3D audio expert and MIT graduate, Bill Gardner. The product allowed you to draw 3d paths for audio to follow to produce realistic audio experiences for video games and videos.

As the Internet was really starting to catch on, and advertisers were learning how to monetize websites via pop-up windows and advertisements, Nick created “Pop-Up Stopper” to block these advertisements. Pop-Up Stopper was downloaded over 20 million times and sold nationwide in stores such as Costco, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Walmart and also featured in media outlets such as Time Magazine, CNN, Newsweek and more.

With the Internet constantly changing, in 2004, Nick recognized that not only were ads annoying, but there were also new programs called “Spyware”, “Adware”, and “Malware” that were being maliciously installed on computers unbeknownst to end users. Many of these programs could steal the user’s information and send it to 3rd parties. SUPERAntiSpyware has been downloaded over 40 million times to date. In 2011, Nick sold SUPERAntiSpyware to a public company.

After selling SUPERAntiSpyware, Nick found himself married with children and enjoying the great outdoors again. As Nick was teaching his children the art of target practice, he realized they needed an easier way to see the hits on the target downrange. This is where he created the Bullseye Camera System to allow his children to see their shots without having to venture downrange. The innovative software will blink the last shot, so you can always see your last shot on the target, up to 1 mile away.

The Bullseye Camera System is now enjoyed by thousands of avid enthusiasts, gun ranges, and law enforcement personnel all around the world. The Bullseye Camera System has forever changed the target shooting industry.

Nick sold the Bullseye Camera Systems business in 2017 to GSM Outdoors. Nick then begin providing consulting for Northwest Community Credit Union in Eugene, OR to help bring some of the innovative and entrepreneurial methodologies into a larger corporation to help them become more agile and efficient.

In addition, Nick served as the CEO of Northwest Innovation Services, a partnership between Nick and Northwest Community Credit Union. Northwest Innovation Services provides apps and innovative products to the financial industry.

Nick’s most recent ventures are MyCoffeeHelper and MyMenuHelper which provide mobile ordering for the coffee and restaurant industries, where you simply order ahead via our app and have your drink or meal ready when you arrive! These products provide the same services as companies such as GrubHub and DoorDash, at a fraction of the price to help restaurants survive and thrive!

Nick also created MyPDConnect to facilitate easy crime reporting for police departments. The system allows victims of low level crime to schedule Phone and Zoom meetings with officers.

Nick has a deep passion for innovation, technology, the outdoors, teaching, mentoring and guiding others.

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